Employee Engagement. Simplified.

Biz Pulse is the easiest way to measure and analyze employee engagement. 

Engaged employees are happier, more productive and less likely to leave. 

Biz Pulse: Employee Engagement

Make employee engagement your competitive advantage.

Biz Pulse: Happy Employees

What does Biz Pulse do?

Biz Pulse offers workplaces the easiest way to capture and analyze meaningful employee engagement data. Once a month we send the same anonymous question to your workforce embedded in an email or text message.

The question can be answered directly in the email with only 1 click! Does it get any easier than that?

We use the employee net promoter score (eNPS) metric to take the pulse of your business and help you understand how engaged your workforce is. The eNPS is based on one simple question: how likely are you to recommend working here for a friend? Learn more about eNPS here 

Every month we’ll send you a report on your employee engagement. We can easily break the report down by department, location, etc. so that you can compare different areas of your business. You can see a sample report here.


One click surveys!?

You betcha!! One click embedded email or text message surveys. The easier you make something for your employees the more likely they are to do it routinely. That’s why we make taking our survey as easy as possible. Employees simply answer one question embedded in an email and their response is automatically recorded.

Employees will then be redirected to a webpage where they can submit a written comment to supplement their score if they wish. 

*Need more than 1 question surveys? We got you covered! Biz Pulse offers a rang of custom solutions.

Do numbers make you happy?

Soak these in:


More productivity from engaged employees


More revenue for companies with engaged employees


Of highly engaged workers are less likely to leave their current company


Fewer safety incidents with engaged employees


More customer loyalty for businesses with formalized employee engagement programs


Lower absenteeism with engaged employees

Engaged Employees

Why is it important to track employee engagement? Engaged employees are happier (we like making people happy). Happy employees are less likely to leave. Happy employees are more productive and creative.

The cost to replace an employee can be up to 40% of their yearly salary. With more engaged employees your attrition will drop and you’ll spend less time and money looking for new employees. 

More productive and creative employees allow you to adapt and advance in an ever-changing business environment. Your employees are your greatest asset. Measuring their engagement is a necessary step in ensuring you are utilizing your employees to their full potential.

Biz Pulse: Productive Employees

How does it work?

Step #1

You send us a list of your employee’s emails or cellphone numbers… that’s all you need to do! We do all the rest. 

Step #2

We send out 1survey question asking: How likely are you to recommend working here to a friend?

Step #3

We send you a report on your employee engagement score. We can breakdown the data by department, location, etc.

Our Plans:

Monthly Pulse

$1 / employee/month
  • Automated monthly eNPS pulse surveys
  • Anonymous feedback
  • Monthly Engagement Reports
  • Custom Data Segmentation
  • Branded emails
  • Premium Support
  • Free Two Month Trial!

Monthly Pulse + Yearly Deep-Dive Survey

$2 / employee/month
  • Automated monthly eNPS pulse surveys
  • Anonymous feedback
  • Monthly Engagement Reports
  • Custom Data Segmentation
  • Branded emails
  • Premium Support
  • Yearly deep-dive employee engagement survey

Custom Solution

  • We can build a custom engagement solution to fit your needs
  • Weekly multi-question surveys
  • Custom Questions
  • Team Specific Surveys
  • 1 on 1 Review Sessions With Your Managers
  • Yearly deep-dive employee engagement survey
  • Dedicated Consultant
  • Custom Features...